Management of residential and commercial real estate

The Porzig GmbH is through their experience and networking for you the right partner for rental, commercial and residential property - (WEG-Management) and forced and instituted administrations. We are members of the "Federation of Community Interest Receivership" and in the "Real Estate Association IVD Germany".

A continuous performance and cost control, guiding the rent accounts, ongoing operating costs billing, creating management concepts and active management of receivables at rental payment-defaults are responsible for sustained capital preservation and management of your property for you.

The individual attention toward national and international clients incl. a comprehensive reporting (also multilingual) is not a challenge, but of matter for us, of course.

In addition to proper and careful management of your property as well as your tenants include technical support and maintenance of the building, the pursuit of warranty claims as well as testing the insurance needs and settlement of claims to our particular roles, the challenge we are happy to take.

We offer an all around 24-hour service, because we want satisfied customers altogether.