Residential property management according to WEG

The efficient commercial and technical management of apartment buildings is based on sound management of community property.

Commercial Care and Support

Receiving and billing of the housing allowance for the management of community property and creating individual invoices and business plans. Our billing stands for transparency: in addition to the income and expenditure statement communities receive a balance sheet with complete information about assets and liabilities and current status of the maintenance financial reserve.

Support of community property

Technical support, planning, implementation and monitoring of maintenance tasks. Control of all participants and parties involved such as handy-men, janitors, and winter service and grounds maintenance.

Advice and Consultation

Our staff is at the service of customers and offer expert advice free of extraneous interests and constraints - this benefit will be felt in the profitability of your property.

Management according to WEG contains the following main points

  • Reception of declarations and notifications, unless they are addressed to homeowners in your capacity as co-owners of the community.
  • Exercising any other rights and obligations arising out of the Condominium Act, the Declaration of Division or Community-Order, the Administration Agreement and the legally binding decisions of the owner.
  • Preparation of the financial plan for the property
  • Creation of economic reckoning with all of recoverable and non-recoverable costs
  • Investment of trust accounts (management account, reserve account)
  • Convening the AGM (owner assembly) 1 x per year, plus preparatory consultation with the management committee
  • Performing the owners' meetings and creating the corresponding transcripts
  • Enforcement of decisions of the owners' meeting
  • Introduction of proper maintenance and repair of the common property

... and much more!

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